Joint research group seminar during “Forskningsdagene”

Written by Kirstine Riis

The Research Days is a national, annual festival arranged by the Research Council of Norway. All types of research and knowledge-based institutions are invited to present their activities to the public. The festival has been held every year since 1995 and is one of Europe´s largest, nationwide research festivals.

On Wednesday 29 September 2021, EMAL researchers participated in the Research Days with a joint seminar between the following research groups:

Learning and Teaching for Sustainability (LET´S), https://www.usn.no/english/research/our-research/kindergarden-schools-and-higher-education/learning-and-teaching-for-sustainability/

Forskergruppe for Estetiske læreprosesser (ForEst) (Research group for aesthetic learning processes) https://www.usn.no/forskning/hva-forsker-vi-pa/barnehage-skole-og-hoyere-utdanning/estetiske-lareprosesser/

and Kunstnerisk utviklingsarbeid (Artistic Development Work) https://www.usn.no/forskning/hva-forsker-vi-pa/tradisjonskunst-og-praktisk-estetiske-fag/kunstnerisk-utviklingsarbeid/

The day had a rich program with presentations from the research group members and breaks with the opportunity for mingling and networking. The program started in an auditorium and was gradually moved to the Artistic Development Work Group’s exhibitions in galleries and common areas.

Figure 1: Marie Møller-Skau from the research group ForEst presents the work with a review article on aesthetic learning processes.

Figure 2 EMALS research group member Camilla Groth presents the research project Maker-Centered Learning: cultivating creativity in tomorrow’s schools recently funded by the Research Council of Norway

Figure 3: Tassy E. Thompson from the research group LET´S points to opportunities for campus development based on ecological epistemology and empathy and refers to Greta Thunbergs as she asks for “No more blablabla” but calls for action.

Figure 4: Kari Carlsen talked about her long experience with kite building and about a project where kites help to illustrate time and place along «her beach» on the coast of Sjælland in Denmark.

Figure 5 Anne Solberg shows sketches for her artistic work in porcelain – while the flags for the Research Days weigh in the background.

Thank you for a great and inspiring day!

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